Ben taught me more in eight hours than I learned in two years in high school. I recommend him to anyone who wants to study math, whether for a short time or a long time, for school work and for test preparation.
Ben will determine your specific needs, so he knows how to work with you. He starts by explaining the simplest models of whatever math topic you are studying, so that you can recognize the pattern and apply it immediately. He can explain a problem several ways, so you can understand the problem better and know which method is the most useful for solving it. He imparts the fundamental principles of a topic with absolute clarity, so you will not be confused.
Ben is a welcoming and refined person. Whilst teaching, he is always patient and calming. You will learn very fast—but you will never feel hurried.
As Ben says, ‘To know, and to be able to teach, are two different things’. He knows the subject, and is the best math teacher I have ever met.
Michael Sussman,
Addison, Illinois