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Ben was an excellent tutor!

"Ben was an excellent tutor! By continually analyzing my understanding, he developed a method to best teach me. Every session he inspired me to learn more and kept me excited about the whole process. He also has an unending supply of math tricks; they are so helpful. I don't know what I would do without him."

Adrianna, professional studying trigonometry for career enrichment

Sophomore at DePaul University studying Chemistry

Ben was an amazing tutor. I had some questions about material I was learning near the end of the quarter so I set up a time to meet with Ben the weekend before my final exam. I told him what material I was struggling with and within an hour and a half he taught me the general concepts of pre-calculus and graphing (without the calculator- which was critical!!) as well as the specifics of what I was struggling with. This was a tremendous help because I have a LOT of math ahead of me in my degree and understanding the basics is critical to my success going forward. With Ben's help, I got an A+ on the final exam and an A+ in the class.

Business Statistics

Ben was very patient with my extensive lack of knowledge in this course! Not only did he help me understand the importance of the basics but showed me how to approach the problems differently. He is an excellent teacher and seems to have endless knowledge about what he is teaching. Thank you Ben for your patience and shared knowledge!

Recommend for GMAT preparation

I am currently studying for the GMAT, and Ben has been very helpful with tutoring me in the math section. He understands the material very well, and finds helpful shortcuts and helpful ways to explain the material. I recommend him to anyone studying for the GMAT who is looking for additional help in the math section.

Excellent GMAT tutor!

Ben has been working with me for over a month now and he has been successfully able to build up my skills for the rigors of the quantitative GMAT portion of the exam.
I've been out of college for over 10 years and am lacking basic skills which Ben has been able to explain in an excellent format which makes sense. The prep course which I am enrolled in went over this material to quickly and I highly recommend that any looking for quality individualized math training to contact Ben. His math knowledge and ability to teach is truly remarkable.


Ben is a great tutor! We are currently working on Calculus 1, which I am taking during the summer. The class goes by really fast and my teacher doesn't always explain things well. With Ben, however, I have been doing well on my quizzes and tests and are getting a very good understanding of the course. He knows all the tricks and explains everything in a way I understand. He doesn't mind repeating himself and seems to have an endless supply of patience! Im really glad I decided to go with Ben as my math tutor this summer, I would not be doing as well without him to be sure :)

Ben is an expert in math!

I am currently studying for the GMAT and came to Ben for help about a month ago. Over this past month, Ben has helped me really understand math. Not only does he know math, he relates it to real life. After only a few sessions with Ben, I have been able to approach problems with success. He is patient and knows how to extract the best out of an individual. Ben is flexible with time and is very professional. I would recommend Ben to anyone in need of math help. He is the best!

Placement Exam

Ben is a great math tutor. I found about his services online, and is one of the best decisions I have ever made. After a few years I decided to come back to school and I need to take Pre-cal and Cal to get in to the Medical program I want at UIC. Since the first session with Ben, I can say that I felt confident about my math skills coming back, just as we were reviewing. He explains things clearly and walk you through step by step in a problem. Later he makes you practice in the spot so it can stick well, from simple math to complex terms and variables. Thank you Ben!!. I will be seeing you soon..!!!

He was a wonderful tutor for my son.

I want to share my successfull story with everyone who doesn't know Ben yet.
My son had some problems in doing precalculus honor class even though we thought that he is smart. We decided to hire someone who can help my son understand mathematics in correct way. After doing some research, we found Benjamin through craigslist. He offered online tutoring which was the best option for us
because of long distance. We wonder if the online lesson works for my son.
However, his first lesson was so impressive and seems to fit my son's need. So we decided to keep taking online lesson from him. It was the best decision for him and we realized that it is better than on site teaching because we can meet him anytime whenever my son is ready for the lesson. My son has taken only
14hrs lesson from Ben. Do you know what the results are?
My son's math grade was B at start but finally got A. In addition, his ACT score in math increased from 29 to 35( out of 36) almost full score. We are very impressive with his score as well as better understanding about mathematics.
I am writing this testimonial for him to express my gratitude.
Thank you, a wonderful tutor!
Helen Chow / Hinsdale highschool student parent / Darien, IL

Ben is one of the greatest math tutors i have ever met

Ben is one of the greatest math tutors i have ever met. I came across his services online and no doubt it has being one of my greatest strides in passing GMAT. Ben has being able to balance my strengths & weakness by explaining details in a way I understand.
Ben is a top professional who knows how to get the best in an individual. I would recommend him to anyone regarding math problems.

I wouldn't have passed without him!

Ben helped me pass my College Algebra course; I wouldn't have done it without his tutoring. I just completed a 100-level college Algebra course, but Math is not one of my strong points. I put in a lot of time but still had problems understanding even the basics, which Ben helped clarify by giving other ways to solve the problems.

There was the added convenience of either going to his house or having an online session, plus he was available for questions.

I would recommend Ben as a tutor for any level of Math course.




I am a professional math tutor who has helped hundreds of students. Many of my students have achieved success beyond what they ever thought possible. Numerous students have gone from failing, to getting A's on tests, in as little as two sessions. The majority of my students from the 2009-2010 school year achieved A's in their math.